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Daily Archives: March 1st, 2009

The authors say “its about time that landscape architecture had a manifesto.”     I am frankly surprised and delighted to read their complaint about the current state of the landscape architectural profession.   By the way, their critique can be extended to architecture very easily. 


One of the most important articles I have read in months.     I think Bruce Sterling is going to be a go-to talking head with the collapsing economy and post-everything milieu we are moving into.    He created a compelling vision of such a reality in his SF novel  Islands in the Net

Its too bad that architects can’t tell their clients “the project is still in BETA”.   Well, actually, Rem probably does that ….


“Designer skyline in my head.  Abstract and still well read.”  –  OWL CITY

This music is amusing.   No self-respecting architect refers to his plans as “picturesque”.  

The video is disjunctive with the music.


An article in Slate forcasting the decline of architecture magazines (from 2006).  

Written on the occasion of the ceasing of publication of Architecture magazine.

Architect magazine is discussed as a new magazine that focuses on the working professional, rather than the international celebrity architects.