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Daily Archives: March 3rd, 2009


An anonymous list.   Needs to add “BE AN ARCHITECT”    hahaha



A method of making payments, etc. from a mobile phone (in Japan).   I wonder how many years it will take before this system or something similar to it is available in the U.S. ?

An amazing reconstruction simulation video of the famous jet landing in the Hudson , including a sound transcript of communication between the pilots and air traffic control.


A great example of form following functions.  These massive shapes in concrete were used to concentrate sound waves so that approaching aircraft could be detected during WW II.   (before radar?)


I’m really in the wrong business ….


Sounds like it will backfire.  The name of the town is Christchurch …. maybe that is a clue here.

Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party Arrivals

An architectural firm in NYC, who has recently laid off several architects, paid people $70 per hour to sit at desks and pretend to be employees while an important potential client toured the office.

This is fairly common practice, at least in NYC.  I’ve done it a couple of times myself. 


Mother Jones has published a “torture playlist” – music reportedly played at Abu Ghiraib to manipulate the psychology of detainees.    A combination of heavy metal,  as well as the Meox Mix commercial, and Sesame Street theme song.