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Daily Archives: March 6th, 2009

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault is a facility in Norway whose function is to store all the species of seeds for posterity in response to the risk of climate change due to global warming.  

This is a program out of a science fiction movie, except it is very real.  


“Now it’s time to develop your mystique. This is all important, because it is what you are selling. Remember, you won’t have to design a building for at least ten years. And in this time you will live off your mystique, so make it good. Mystique is what you say, and the way that you say it.

If you come from continental Europe, great. If you don’t, pretend that you do. Mystique should also suggest revolutionary politics and French philosophy. Don’t talk about these things directly as it never makes good copy and will only confuse you.”


A link to a site with information on “how to become a famous architect.”    Rule #10″:  you need to have the correct glasses.   


A book , loaned to me by a student, filled with responses by architects to the question:  “Why do architects wear black?”    One response I liked:    Rem Koolhaas  “I don’t wear black.”   



HKS Inc. made headlines in 2007 when it announced its decision to license the Unreal Engine 3, by Epic Games Inc., a company based in Cary, N.C. The product, which is not commonly used in architectural visualization, is the software behind video games such as BioShock and Unreal Tournament 3.

I like the graphic quality of this interior space, particularly the menacing photos of roosters.