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Daily Archives: March 8th, 2009

If you have driven into San Francisco, you have seen this new building on the skyline.    It has a problem in that it is out of scale with the skyline, similarly to the situation with the World Trade Center towers in New York. 

The photo below reminds me of a book “What is Architecture?” by Paul Shepheard, which as an image of jets flying over the great pyramid on the cover.   Shepheard makes the point that machines are a kind of architecture.  Military jets are INSTRUMENTAL, as are high-rise buildings.


Here is the cover:


This is the lobby for the sliver building in the previous post.   Very buildable, I particularly like the way the banquette seating is built into the wall and cantilevered out from it.    A realistic and great design.  If only the light slots could have LED displays …. 


A sliver building going up in NYC.


A rendering of the finished product.  


Another modern building from Trodheim, Norway.    In this case, the signage completely destroys the aesthetic intention of the building, which in itself, is not bad ….  This building would fit in quite nicely in San Francisco.



I found this on Flickr, while searching for images with the key word “unemployed architect.”   The author of the website hopes that anyone who likes this building is unemployed.   I don’t  know, I kind of like it ….

It is possible to buy a house for $100 in Detroit these days.  This is an interesting article about an architect who is developing a neighborhood of such properties for artists.  He has been approached by a German developer who wants to build a “giant beehive” (?).    There is opportunity in the recession.