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Daily Archives: March 9th, 2009

A great product, simulates venetian plaster.


The skin is “fiber-reinforced polymer sheet”.   The structural ribs are laser-cut steel. 

This house is in the Shibuya District in Tokyo.  The architects felt they needed a strong form in this particular location to prevent the house from being “swallowed up” by its surroundings over time.

One wonders what the interior space would be like with furniture ….  the interior does seem to be compromised.

Also, how is the physical security?  How difficult is it to cut into the exterior skin?   How is the insulation value?


 A residential design in Japan – 3 stories on a very small lot.  The architects achieve innovation within a simple rectangular box form.   As the linked site says, there is no need for the formal gymnastics of a Hadid, Koolhaas, or Libeskind here.


The author of the linked blog post makes some interesting observations about this house in Japan.  First, the house is so precise you can’t tell if the images are actual photos or renderings.  This is the hyperreality we are living in – one cannot tell if an image is real or simulation any longer.  I’ve had clients think photos are renderings!   The house takes on the character therefore of a “non-place”.

It is impossible to tell how the fencing is detailed.  It is reduced to simple vertical lines.  Both the exterior and interior make use of “folding” planes.

Design by Kubota Architects.