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Daily Archives: March 13th, 2009

An article on an art show of the work of Takashi Murakami, a japanese pop artist, who created the movement known as SUPERFLAT.    He is also making money designing bags for Louis Vuitton.  (ironic isn’t it?)   The artshow claims to chart a lineage from the atomic bomb blast to the Hello Kitty! phenomenon.

Owes a lot to Andy Warhol, but also the East Village scene of the 1980s  (Kenny Scharf, Keith Haring).  


 “I believe that the artist doesn’t know what he does. I attach even more importance to the spectator than to the artist.” – Marcel Duchamp

The Large Glass is considered the most important work by Marcel Duchamp, in my opinion the artist who ties as being the most important artist of the 20th century, alongside Picasso.   This work is quite difficult,  the best explanation comes from Duchamp himself – he wrote an explanation as a series of fragments called  ‘The Green Book’.   Duchamp abandoned artwork altogether in favor of playing casual games of chess.   He pretty much invented conceptual art singlehandedly. 


A friend of mine reminded me of Joseph Cornell.   Of course, I like his work because he is putting things inside frames.  I particularly like the one below  ‘The Princess of Medici’.   I believe the original artist is Velazquez.   I like the blue color which takes the image and somehow makes evident the fact of its reproduction from the original.   I also like the repetition of the image and the way that it is fragmented differently in the different copies.   


Article in NY Times Sunday Magazine about the ZIPCAR concept.   This company rents cars to members for an hourly rate.  The cars can be reserved and located via web 2.0 technology.    I’ve seen them driving around San Francisco.  The favorite vehicle in the fleet is a Mini Cooper.   I wonder if they have any SMART cars.    If I was still living in NYC I would definitely take advantage of this.  However, at $15/hour its not cheap.  


An article in the NY Times magazine about an artist who has created an avator, known a “Filthy Fluno”  in the virtual community SECOND LIFE, and has used this presence to promote his REAL artwork, to the point where he has been able to quit his day job.   This is straight out of the SF novel SNOW CRASH by Neal Stephenson.