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An article in Harvard Design Magazine which discusses the future of the office building.   With work becoming more decentralized and networked, is there still really a need for the office building at all, or better put, how will it change?   A study was done at the AA,  comparing two parts of london with approximately the same footprint:  Soho, and Canary Wharf.   Soho is flexible and changing and low-rise,  occupied by multimedia companies, entertainment companies.  Canary Wharf is occupied by financial institutions.   The conclusion is that Canary Wharf is a “dinosaur” whereas Soho, although a much older urban fabric (actually based on the medieval layout of London) represents the future because it is flexible. 

aerial view of soho london

aerial view of soho london


canary wharf, london

canary wharf, london

Personally, I love Soho, and despise Canary Wharf, so this article is preaching to the choir in my case.

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