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Daily Archives: March 18th, 2009


This is so exciting.  This is activating nature with technology.  Of course the curve of the road is totally artificial as well, but doesn’t look out of place.  The curve in the road is in some way based on the topography of the hill, so there is a second order relationship between nature and the technological addition.   Then the car(s) and the time lapse photography create an image that we would not see, except through technology.


Bulldozers, backhoes, and cranes.


Is this a product or a shelter?   The brochure image looks like its a computer rendering to me.   Its a good idea, but I think I would prefer if the finish was camouflage.   Assuming this is used in the woods, why would anyone want it to be day-glo green?


This diagram is amazing.   There must be at least 100 design concepts here.



As they used to say in the 70’s  “Have a Nice Day!”  

A pundit from Russia explains how his country managed a collapse in the 1990s that some say could be similar to what the U.S. will be experiencing.   He notes that women manage the collapse better than men,  that people who are already poor have an advantage  (maybe  … not sure about that).  

Russians were able to muddle through the collapse by finding ways to manage 1) food, 2) shelter, 3) transportation, and 4) security.

Russian agriculture had long been ruined by collectivization, so people had developed personal kitchen gardens, accessible by public transit.

What does FAQ  stand for anyway????  


A vision of the future from 1929 by Norman Bel Geddes.

A provocative article that points out that so many developments in the 20th century were not predicted accurately.  The 21st century should be the same, except more so.


Dust Storm in South Africa. 

Looks like something out of ‘The Ten Commandments’  to me.


This is a Good Hotel in San Francisco.  

Is it good – how should I know, I’ve never been there.   Part of the business model is they donate to worthy causes, i.e. stay here, save the planet!  The name of the hotel is  GOOD HOTEL.   This is like naming a cigarette TRUE.   In Japantown in San Francisco, there is a pedestrian bridge with lettering on the side saying BLUE.  I wonder what that is about?   Is it conceptual art, or a guerrilla advertisement for American Express Blue (TM).  

What would be a good name for an architectural firm?   “Good Architects, Inc.”    There is a firm called GRAFT.  Does this refer to a biological metaphor (trendy) or does it mean that they steal their clients money?


A Youtube Video showing a sweet modification to an Apple macbook like mine (black).   Its wild – and its also available to buy on an auction on eBay.