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Daily Archives: March 22nd, 2009

New York Yankees Sod.

A tuft for the windowsill? A pallet for the backyard? Officially licensed grass is about to be sold, in the form of sod or seeds, to fans who want a patch to call their own.

“It’s just capitalizing on what we have and what we’ve done,” said Rick DeLea, vice president of DeLea Sod Farms, which his grandfather founded in 1928 and has supplied turf for Yankee Stadium since the 1960s.


Free text messaging,  free media conversion software,  free web-hosting.


He was big in the 1980s in New York.  He paints figures with no face in a very simplified way.  His studio in New York is called Kostabi-World, clearly referencing Andy Warhol’s “factory”.   The story is that MK doesn’t do any of his own paintings – he was paying his girlfriend, an art student $10 per hour to produce his work and then selling them for thousands of dollars.   The art is just as much about manipulation of the media as visual art per se.    I remember his name was mentioned on an episode of Miami Vice and I laughed wondering what machinations were undertaken to obtain that bit of product placement. 


“All this is much easier if the paintings are good. If they’ve got punch. I’m told that my market is mostly made up of married couples under 40. They’re drawn to the work like a magnet and they can handle the price. The subject matter speaks, the blending is perfect (or at least good enough), the colors sing and lure (or at least aren’t muddy), the contrasts are clear and logical, the forms bulge and interlock, the shadows absorb and diffuse, there is mystery, there is clarity. It’s about our world. And it’s all committee-approved and they can’t get enough of it. A good Kostabi is a perfect product. Who wouldn’t want one? I mean really” – Mark Kostabi

"sandwiches".  (oil on canvas)  from the 'Easy Fun Ethereal' series

"sandwiches". (oil on canvas) from the 'Easy Fun Ethereal' series

While some teens use their summers to learn sailing, archery or soccer, Brandon Meadows attends Summer Explosives Camp in Missouri to learn how to use dynamite.

“Some people like baseball, others like math – I just like to set off bombs,” he said. “I figure here, learning how to do it properly is better than messing around with it at home, right?”

The cost for the camp is $450 and U.S. Citizenship is required.    (for obvious reasons?)


An app for the apple i-phone uses the GPS feature to turn the i-phone into a tape measure (for lengths at least 30′ long).    This would be usable for quick investigations of building sites by architects.  


An i-phone app is available that uses the i-phones built in accelerometer to tell you how much gas you are using, how much carbon your car is emiting in real time.