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Daily Archives: March 28th, 2009

I’m not sure I agree …..  oh … now I get it …..


A web site by the people behind THECOOLHUNTER.NET, dedicated to religion.   In a very open, non-denominational way.    I think I like this.


Dear God,

I’m only 14 and everyday my im stuffed with ideas about god. I go to school. where i have religion class and they talk about how jesus will rise again and then we have ash put on our foreheads and i dont understand it? I walk down the street and people come up to me crying : Jesus is coming!! My best friend is refusing to eat meat for 40 days becos of something jesus did…. I lived in dubai for nine years and everday I was surrounded by cloaked muslims who would rise at 4 am each morning to sing for their god My father is an athiest who says science created everything My mother belives in reincarnation and karma and me? I keep an open mind but its so hard with all these ideas, and out of curiosity I started reading the bible and at the begiinning.. Im sorry.. but it made no sense and your so sexist to woman! : “and she shall be called woman because she is made from a man” and where it said that god flooded the world to kill al animals but how would underwater animals die in a flood? they wouldnt! I dont know what to believe in there are so many ideas about everything the big bang, god, reincarnation and i find it so hard to keep an open mind… Do I believe in you? I dont know I really don’t know. Athina – Australia

Zaha Hadid isn’t the only architect designing shoes.    A brand called “United Nude”  features shoes designed by architect Rem Koolhaas.



Kitchenaid mixers are now available in 60 different colors.   This is a video about color trends at Kitchenaid and in the U.S. since the 1950s.



quoting from Ellen Ullman’s Close to the Machine, “still the best book I know about the psychology of nerding:” “My computers are not broken, but at times like these I like the look of delicate circuit boards open to the naked air.


 ERIC WHITE makes some interesting food choices in his life as a NYC bachelor. That and the fact that he was raised in Michigan more than explain his latest dinner of redneck sushi…


As Japanese Pop Art master TAKASHI MURAKAMI’s retrospective “© Murakami” show continues on its epic world tour, the grandiose GUGGENHEIM BILBAO museum plays host to its latest and most daunting stop to date. Settling into the swooping Frank Gehry-skinned art palace, the show—fresh off its recent stop in Frankfurt, Germany—replicates its general outlay previously established at the initial MoCA LA, and Brooklyn Museum stops, but this time the artist’s epic painted and sculptural works are finally housed in a venue as aesthetically compelling as the whole of Murakami’s oeuvre.



An internationally famous japanese pop artist , Yoshitaro Nara, was arrested at 3 am for graffiti in a subway station in Manhattan.   He has an art show going on concurrently! 


This artwork is visible with google earth.