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A web site by the people behind THECOOLHUNTER.NET, dedicated to religion.   In a very open, non-denominational way.    I think I like this.


Dear God,

I’m only 14 and everyday my im stuffed with ideas about god. I go to school. where i have religion class and they talk about how jesus will rise again and then we have ash put on our foreheads and i dont understand it? I walk down the street and people come up to me crying : Jesus is coming!! My best friend is refusing to eat meat for 40 days becos of something jesus did…. I lived in dubai for nine years and everday I was surrounded by cloaked muslims who would rise at 4 am each morning to sing for their god My father is an athiest who says science created everything My mother belives in reincarnation and karma and me? I keep an open mind but its so hard with all these ideas, and out of curiosity I started reading the bible and at the begiinning.. Im sorry.. but it made no sense and your so sexist to woman! : “and she shall be called woman because she is made from a man” and where it said that god flooded the world to kill al animals but how would underwater animals die in a flood? they wouldnt! I dont know what to believe in there are so many ideas about everything the big bang, god, reincarnation and i find it so hard to keep an open mind… Do I believe in you? I dont know I really don’t know. Athina – Australia

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