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Monthly Archives: April 2009

SWEDEN Lego Jesus

A boy examines a statue of Jesus Christ made entirely out of Lego construction bricks in a church at Vasteras, Sweden, Sunday April 12, 2009. The 1.8 metre (5.9 feet ) tall statue, a copy of Thorvaldsen’s ‘Resurrected Christ’, has taken parishioners 1.5 years to construct out of 30.000 tiny plastic pieces. AP Photo/Jonas Ekstromer)

A concept for a couch that levitates via a magnetic field.



It seems you can’t get around those PESKY laws of physics.   Hey kids, there’s this little concept called MOMENTUM … who knew?????

WASHINGTON – Micro cars can give motorists top-notch fuel efficiency at a competitive price, but the insurance industry says they don’t fare too well in collisions with larger vehicles.

In crash tests released Tuesday, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that drivers of 2009 versions of the Smart “fortwo,” Honda Fit and Toyota Yaris could face significant leg and head injuries in severe front-end crashes with larger, mid-size vehicles.

art-08-model-tom-bonner-04p-lThis model by morphosis also shows sectional information.   The project is called artspark.



A new academic building at Cooper Union.  I find the drawing more interesting than the exterior view (can’t tell if its a photo or rendering).  Section is actually similar to San Francisco courthouse project.


This custom hardhat was recently sold on e-bay.  There are several designs on the surface, including an illustration of a bulldozer.

This is a great addition to the art museum at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI.   It respects its Beaux-Arts neighbor, yet is completely different.


“The main aim of hte design was to recreate the usual typologies of chairs, benches, bars stands, tables and coffee tables using forms that morph from one geometry to the other, thus denying determined typology – activity associations.”


A mountain resort in the United Arab Emirates by OMA  (Rem Koolhaas)



A concept for a “Helix Hotel” in Abu Dhabi by Leeser Architecture.