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A “provocative” statement from Paul Eldrenkamp, a remodeling contractor based in Newton MA.   (if you read the article you will see he is not really anti-environment at all, just making a point).

“Green building is dead. Its time has passed. We lie to ourselves when we think we can build any number of new buildings in a green, environmentally sustainable way. We need to acknowledge that every building is an unnatural act. We want a building to be warm when it’s cold outside, cool when it’s warm outside, dry when it’s wet outside, and light when it’s dark outside. Although rot and decay is the essential refueling mechanism in nature, in a building, rot and decay is the surest sign that something has gone seriously wrong. Looked at this way, every building is an environmental mugging.”  – from the linked blog.

Bravo!   Architecture is ARTIFICIAL, people!  We don’t like the environmental conditions given to us by nature and create buildings to modify that condition.

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