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Daily Archives: April 5th, 2009

This is a great addition to the art museum at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI.   It respects its Beaux-Arts neighbor, yet is completely different.


“The main aim of hte design was to recreate the usual typologies of chairs, benches, bars stands, tables and coffee tables using forms that morph from one geometry to the other, thus denying determined typology – activity associations.”


A mountain resort in the United Arab Emirates by OMA  (Rem Koolhaas)



A concept for a “Helix Hotel” in Abu Dhabi by Leeser Architecture.




What is the difference between design and engineering?


An article by Steve Holland discusses a way to categorize form.

What Surface Continuity is Quietly Telling Us

For the purpose of this argument I propose that form (or Design), in the context of both the natural and man-made world has two jobs: to be the messenger of a certain experience; and to fulfill on that promise. When the two don’t match up, the experience is unfulfilling and its form superficial. 6trans

A new book by Nathan Shedroff that suggests 12 principles of Sustainable Design.  

“Anyone feel like banging-out a Facebook app that lets people make their DreamCompany by specifying, for example, BMW’s engineering, Nike’s sense of style, Amazon’s customer service, and…? Oh wait, that’s Apple. But, you get the idea.”


Not much to do with design.    

Some examples of the snarky commentary from the linked site ….

I once met a lady named Rodana. I think she runs a successful internet business.

(In her spare time she destroys Tokyo)


what about the name skylar or raven?

(Thanks, 14-year-old-Goth-girl)


How about Adrienne Claire? Or Fleur Jade?

(Isn’t Fleur Jade that dim sum place down the street?)


What about Bubba for a boy. a great unusual name

(Since when did your Ozark shack get Internet access? Or electricity, for that matter?)