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This custom hardhat was recently sold on e-bay.  There are several designs on the surface, including an illustration of a bulldozer.



    i own
    , and we try and promote how important hard hats really are to the workers… it is amazing how many of them DO NOT always wear protection… when you go on tours be aware how that simple bit of plastic could save your life and take it seriously….

  2. who bought it?? this has to be the coolest hard hat of all time!!

  3. My grandfather carved that! 🙂 He used to hand craft them out of his home in Chilliwack BC in the 80s after returning home from Jakarta. He made quite a few of them, mostly given out as gifts for execs, retirees and dignitaries. Hey distributed them under the moniker Art By Chury (ABC). The CBC in Canada did a feature on him around 1988-1989. I wish I could get that archival footage today. I still have the one he carved for me when I was just a toddler.

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