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Daily Archives: October 24th, 2009

oma museum plaza

OMA Museum Plaza Proposal Video

A proposal by Rem Koolhaas and OMA for a large urban development.  Link is to a video on Youtube.


This fun little book asks the question “Why do Architects Wear Black?”   Packaged in a small, sketchbook-size format are a hundred or so answers to that question, one response per spread with the original handwritten answer opposite the typed, translated text and the name of the architect, designer or draftsman. Spanning seven years, the answers reveal as much about the personalities as they do about the question itself.


LEGO has introduced a line of architectural based products, including a model of Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous house, fallingwater.

get things done manifesto

Get Things Done Manifesto

A radical approach which says there are 3 states of existence:  not knowing, action, and completion….

this could be useful to architecture students ……


The Rainbow II light fixture by Bruck features a dichroic glass coating to produce a stunning rainbow color effect.

brazo table lamp

The brazo table lamp is highly energy efficient, being based on multiple LED’s as the light source.   It is sold through DWR  (Design Within Reach) among other outlets.

led lashes

A korean designer has developed LED Eyelashes.  Link to youtube video is HERE.