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For your consideration – a poll which humbly requests your opinion as to which is the best architecture school.


  1. Have you ever heard of Zurich’s ETH? I was once told that it was the best architecture school in Europe and almost went there.

    • Yes, I”ve heard of it. Bernard Tschumi (famous architect, one of my instructors) I believe went there. Anyway, he is swiss by origin.
      Are you an architect? I saw your blog on hannibal forthcoming book and assumed you were a man of letters or the like. Really liked your blog btw.

  2. Thanks.

    I am indeed a “man of letters”, as it were. But I once contemplated going into architecture. The only thing that prevented me was that ETH required all sorts of science courses first, and my American liberal arts education had not given me enough of it. So I went off and did other things.

    Have a love of architecture, though.

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