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Category Archives: apple


A recent ad by Microsoft, going after the potential young and hip  (and female?) apple user target group.

my opinion …. HP …. ewwwwww

An app for the apple i-phone uses the GPS feature to turn the i-phone into a tape measure (for lengths at least 30′ long).    This would be usable for quick investigations of building sites by architects.  


An i-phone app is available that uses the i-phones built in accelerometer to tell you how much gas you are using, how much carbon your car is emiting in real time.



A Youtube Video showing a sweet modification to an Apple macbook like mine (black).   Its wild – and its also available to buy on an auction on eBay.

A free web2.0 service that combines gps with user data to alert drivers to the location of police speed traps and other information.  Works with the I-phone !  Better living through technology.   Don’t Speed !  


I wonder what cool “apps” he is running. …..  could this be Apple’s next marketing campaign ????