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The site has identified top 10 consumer trends for 2010.  They include:

Urbany   (F)luxury and Mass Mingling


What is the Western Tradition?   It consists of a known body of work and thought, a.k.a. the “canon”,  including:

  • Ancient Greece and Rome
  • Judaism and Early Christianity;
  • the Middle Ages;
  • the Renaissance;
  • the Reformation;
  • the Enlightenment;
  • Modernity /  Modernism.

(Image – Raphael School of Athens)


The early modernist architects believed that modern architecture could solve all of society’s problems, inspiring mankind to be better.  Architecture schools such as UC Berkeley, have espoused an interest in PLACE over SPACE, eschewing the art for art’s sake attitude of high modernism, and emphasizing the social aspects of architectural design.

A study involving architecture in several of the world’s trouble spots, including Belfast, Beirut and (former trouble spot) Berlin shows that  buildings are partly to blame for a hardening in some people’s bitter sectarian attitudes.

Fences, parks, footbridges and even a playground can influence intense and bitter conflict between Catholics and Protestants, Dr Ralf Brand, a lecturer from the University of Manchester, has found.  Article from BBC News is HERE.

But he also uncovered examples of architecture that could help heal the wounds of the Troubles.


Mihaly Csikszentmihaly has written a book called FLOW – the PSYCHOLOGY OF OPTIMAL EXPERIENCE.  

The areas on the lower left are where people tend to spend too much time, bored and apathetic. 

 The way out of these regions of experience is visualized as one of two approaches: 

1)  take up something you don’t know and become excited about it and thus ‘arousal’  on the chart , or

2) achieve mastery of something you do know and achieve ‘ control’  on the chart ,

i.e. up either the left side or the right side of the diagram, with FLOW being the ultimate goal.

What only 60 hours???   These game developer sissies would never make it in the architectural field !  

“Mike Capps, head of Epic, and a former member of the board of directors of the International Game Developers Association, during the IGDA Leadership Forum in late 08, spoke at a panel entitled Studio Heads on the Hot Seat, in which, among other things, he claimed that working 60+ hours was expected at Epic, that they purposefully hired people they anticipated would work those kinds of hours, that this had nothing to do with exploitation of talent by management but was instead a part of “corporate culture,” and implied that the idea that people would work a mere 40 hours was kind of absurd.”  –   from the cited post. 



In reality this toy is 16″ tall.


An advertisement from 1962 Fortune Magazine by Alcoa Aluminum.   The transmission tower is compared via the sketchbook to a pretty pretty snowflake.


An advertisement from 1961.   This image would make a great basis for a pop art painting.    For example in this style:



An advertisement for Alcoa Aluminum, from Fortune magazine 1959.

The sales mechanism in play here is obvious.

“Pop culture used to be like LSD – different, eye-opening and reasonably dangerous. It’s now like crack – isolating, wasteful and with no redeeming qualities whatsoever”  –  London designer Peter Saville

Who is Peter Saville?   A brilliant designer responsible for the look of Factory Musicians artists such as New Order.  One of the best designers in the world.