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Category Archives: graphic design

toilet paper

Robin Williams will tell you how CRAP design can actually be made into a good one.*

She is the author of The Non-Designer’s Design Book

*  (When CRAP means Contrast, Repetition, Alignment and Proximity.)

It seems that a designer font can make ANYTHING palatable .

This is a bag designed to take care of basic sanitary needs in places where plumbing is not available.


A link to a presentation for a new Pepsi logo design.   The argument seems to be that bezier curves (a la ILLUSTRATOR) are futuristic and therefore can be used to create “THE FACE OF A NEW PEPSI GENERATION.” 

While it is true that brands do evolve over time , and the trend is arguably towards simplicity and a stripping away of excess, to take this and claim that one can EXTRAPOLATE the future from the past is invalid.