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An advertisement from the February 1961 issue of Fortune Magazine.

It is widely acknowledged that architects don’t respect the interior design profession.   No doubt this is largely because both groups are competing for the same slice of the economic pie.   The NCARB has been lobbying against professional licensing for interior designers:

In this newsletter, NCARB has launched a pretty fierce attack on the whole occupation of interior design:

‘ The great majority of their ‘practitioners’ [quotes his] are simply decorators who consider rigorous standards excessive and beyond their grasp… Architects are educated, trained and examined… Interior designers are not. If interior design is anything, it is a sub-specialty of architecture.’(May 2000 newsletter)

NCARB knows the interior designer’s place:

‘In our view, those engaged in decorating should give up the quest for licensure… and become licensed architects.’ (May 2000 newsletter)

‘How will an ‘interior designer’ [quotes his] who knows nothing about post-tensioned slabs, know that putting an electrical outlet in the wrong place could get the electrician who drilled the slab, killed?’ (Statement by the President of NCARB, May 2000 newsletter)

untitled3      VS.


An amazing use of hyper-color in a bathroom.    If you live in the SF Bay Area and want a bathroom like this, contact me at , and I will design it for you.  (If you live elsewhere, I will do the job as well, it might cost you some more money in design fee! ) 


Reminds me of the movie Barbarella.   Certainly this is avant-garde, but I don’t see it as being practical actually.  It implies a leisure society free from the exigencies of production …


I like the graphic quality of this interior space, particularly the menacing photos of roosters.