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As Japanese Pop Art master TAKASHI MURAKAMI’s retrospective “© Murakami” show continues on its epic world tour, the grandiose GUGGENHEIM BILBAO museum plays host to its latest and most daunting stop to date. Settling into the swooping Frank Gehry-skinned art palace, the show—fresh off its recent stop in Frankfurt, Germany—replicates its general outlay previously established at the initial MoCA LA, and Brooklyn Museum stops, but this time the artist’s epic painted and sculptural works are finally housed in a venue as aesthetically compelling as the whole of Murakami’s oeuvre.




Review of the book THE JAPAN GUIDE

“The architecture of the 1980’s in Japan can be characterized by an important shift of emphasis from the previously dominant industrial technology, or ‘hardware,’ toward a highly sophisticated industrial technology, or ‘software.’ As a result, recent designs, while not abandoning the tectonic culture and engineering bravura of earlier modernism, manifest an increased fascination with the ephemeral and phenomenal or, in short, the sensual in architecture.”


Torunobu Fujimoro designed this Tea House in Chino, Nagano Prefecture, Japan


A new transportation device.  Similar to the Segway.   Looks lame, but then it TRANSFORMS …. 

This is going to be available the manufacturer says, in 2010.  

With the ability to carry the internet in my pocket, and news stories like this,  I am beginning to feel that the future has finally arrived ! 



A method of making payments, etc. from a mobile phone (in Japan).   I wonder how many years it will take before this system or something similar to it is available in the U.S. ?