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New York Yankees Sod.

A tuft for the windowsill? A pallet for the backyard? Officially licensed grass is about to be sold, in the form of sod or seeds, to fans who want a patch to call their own.

“It’s just capitalizing on what we have and what we’ve done,” said Rick DeLea, vice president of DeLea Sod Farms, which his grandfather founded in 1928 and has supplied turf for Yankee Stadium since the 1960s.


The first public square in over a century located at Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK.  by Heatherwick Studio.



This is so exciting.  This is activating nature with technology.  Of course the curve of the road is totally artificial as well, but doesn’t look out of place.  The curve in the road is in some way based on the topography of the hill, so there is a second order relationship between nature and the technological addition.   Then the car(s) and the time lapse photography create an image that we would not see, except through technology.