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A  tip for architecture students ….

Don’t waste time snoozing the night away. Turn your waking day into a 22-hour party by getting your shut-eye polyphasically — in a few quick bursts. Studies by the Chronobiology Research Institute show that for those on round-the-clock schedules — sailors, astronauts, gamers — it’s more effective to recharge in short stints. For survival, the brain will eventually adapt by entering the REM state much faster. The cumulative result: a higher percentage of the best kind of z’s.



Mihaly Csikszentmihaly has written a book called FLOW – the PSYCHOLOGY OF OPTIMAL EXPERIENCE.  

The areas on the lower left are where people tend to spend too much time, bored and apathetic. 

 The way out of these regions of experience is visualized as one of two approaches: 

1)  take up something you don’t know and become excited about it and thus ‘arousal’  on the chart , or

2) achieve mastery of something you do know and achieve ‘ control’  on the chart ,

i.e. up either the left side or the right side of the diagram, with FLOW being the ultimate goal.

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