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This is a Good Hotel in San Francisco.  

Is it good – how should I know, I’ve never been there.   Part of the business model is they donate to worthy causes, i.e. stay here, save the planet!  The name of the hotel is  GOOD HOTEL.   This is like naming a cigarette TRUE.   In Japantown in San Francisco, there is a pedestrian bridge with lettering on the side saying BLUE.  I wonder what that is about?   Is it conceptual art, or a guerrilla advertisement for American Express Blue (TM).  

What would be a good name for an architectural firm?   “Good Architects, Inc.”    There is a firm called GRAFT.  Does this refer to a biological metaphor (trendy) or does it mean that they steal their clients money?

This project was delayed for 2 years,  deposits from purchasers were returned.  The units are now selling for approximately 25% less than the original price.    The 1918 Del Monte Cannery is being renovated into condominiums. 

The website for the project is interesting to me in 3 ways:

1.     They have a neat feature where you can use your mouse to move furniture around on the floor plans to understand the scale of the layouts.

2.     There are very few images of the interior spaces, or exterior photos for that matter.  All the photos seem to be small details, or people drinking wine, etc.

3.    The couples shown are predominantly inter-racial.  (nothing wrong with that!) .

Obviously the developer is paying someone money to do the marketing for this project, design the website, etc.   Its interesting to critique the specific images that are being used to appeal to potential buyers.  

The first availability of the project to the public to tour is this weekend (march 14, 15).    I may go check it out, or I may go see WATCHMEN instead…..

Quote from another website:   “I have a great idea: Let’s save the historic Del Monte Cannery Plant 51 only to then add multiple floors to it and make it as generic in appearance as possible!”


An image of the project during construction.  In fairness, I haven’t seen it personally,  but the fact that they don’t show any overall images of the project on the website does make me suspicious.    That being said,  this is possibly a place I would like to live, vs. my current pseudo-mission style single family house.