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“Classic” and significant music from the 1970s is being re-mixed on to 4 channel digital format.   In the meantime, here is a photo of an 8 track tape of Kraftwerk’s  ‘Autobahn’.     It is widely acknowledged that techno and really all electronic music would not exist in its current form had it not been for the influence of Kraftwerk.


Kutiman mixes various youtube music videos together to produce a unified sound.  


I read about this artist today in the NY Times, an interesting article, and a link to a FREE download.  

For me, this is some of the WORST music I have ever experienced.   The rap is in a pure MONOTONE,  this is soul-killing material.   

So the question is:  how can I be in such radical disagreement with my beloved NY Times?   

I would enjoy comments on the particular song linked in the youtube video – does anyone actually like this???


Sounds like it will backfire.  The name of the town is Christchurch …. maybe that is a clue here.

Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party Arrivals

Mother Jones has published a “torture playlist” – music reportedly played at Abu Ghiraib to manipulate the psychology of detainees.    A combination of heavy metal,  as well as the Meox Mix commercial, and Sesame Street theme song.