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Image has nothing to do with the article,  but somehow still works.  It is a still from a series of videos called Mister Glasses.

From the article:   “Now, architects, I know you’re going through tough times. If even Lord “Moneybags” Foster is ditching a quarter of his workforce, things must be bad. I know the public don’t appreciate you. I know your job is thankless: anyone watching Grand Designs can see that only a masochist would ever consider building anything larger than a garden shed. And I know that the last thing you want to hear is criticism. But, here goes.”

In this article, it is pointed out that while the goal of the Americans with Disabilities Act (A.D.A.) is to allow people with disabilities to be independent, in reality, many with disabilities are not, and require the assistance of another person, whether a spouse, or caregiver.    What happens when the helper is of a different sex?   Which restroom should be used ???  

I recently encountered a building plan checker criticize a design with single accommodation toilet stalls as being “not equivalent facilitation” to a multiple accommodation restroom,  although for this particular situation it is by far the better solution !