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Category Archives: products


In reality this toy is 16″ tall.


A tip of the hat to Trevor Graham for making me aware of this.    I prefer 300 horsepower though ….

 This company LiveRoof provides a turnkey system for installation of turf roofs for building projects.


A prototype bathing unit by Ron Arad for Tueco.


This would be even better as an architectural model !   


I received this in the mail, and it looks like a relatively low cost (hopefully) way to add energy to a high ceiling space such as a lobby.


I received this magazine in the mail today.   It is put out by the Composite Panel Association.


Everything you want to know about Particleboard, MDF, High Pressure Laminates,  Thermally Fused Melamine, Polypropylene Films … and more!


A creative advertisement I saw in the March 2009 issue of WIRED magazine.


Is this a product or a shelter?   The brochure image looks like its a computer rendering to me.   Its a good idea, but I think I would prefer if the finish was camouflage.   Assuming this is used in the woods, why would anyone want it to be day-glo green?

Custom graphite pens.   You can write or draw with a pencil shaped like a machine gun or the atomic bomb that destroyed Hiroshima.   How Freudian !