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Category Archives: software

An app for the apple i-phone uses the GPS feature to turn the i-phone into a tape measure (for lengths at least 30′ long).    This would be usable for quick investigations of building sites by architects.  


An i-phone app is available that uses the i-phones built in accelerometer to tell you how much gas you are using, how much carbon your car is emiting in real time.


A cool use of Google SKETCHUP to illustrate the volume of $1 trillion in $100 bills.


This is only a BILLION dollars palletized.   Click on the link to see a TRILLION.  (you know you want to)

This conference is being held in late March in San Francisco, and deals with computational geometry programs for architects.  It is being sponsored by Bentley who makes a product that enables some of the more biomorphic designs we have seen lately, for example Zaha Hadid’s BMW showroom in Munich.  In fact, the conference last year was held at the BMW showroom in Munich.    If you join the mailing list, you can access the complete lecture material from last years conference.   This is the real thing people.    Incidentally the software is called GENERATIVE COMPONENTS and you can get a seat for a very reasonable price for 1 year. 


An amazing reconstruction simulation video of the famous jet landing in the Hudson , including a sound transcript of communication between the pilots and air traffic control.