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Category Archives: technology

led lashes

A korean designer has developed LED Eyelashes.  Link to youtube video is HERE.

The Thomas Heatherwick studio has been doing innovative work, and he is now breaking into larger architectural projects.

Rolling Bridge - Thomas Heatherwick

Rolling Bridge - Thomas Heatherwick


“Today, architects are usually just combining this façade system and that glazing system and this climate-control system. They are specifiers, not designers.” – Heatherwick on architects


This is an artwork titled e-Cloud by artist Dan Goods.   This innovative work uses Liquid Crystal Panels that are switchable between transparent and opaque.  The panels model the movement of clouds and swarm patterns, and are controlled by data from actual weather in real-time.

Nic Clear teaches an architectural studio based on the writings of J.G. Ballard.   The work appears to be a kind of apocalyptic vision of the future, based on a collapse or disjunction in the social fabric. 

Here, he demonstrates a 3d light pen.


A method of making payments, etc. from a mobile phone (in Japan).   I wonder how many years it will take before this system or something similar to it is available in the U.S. ?

I want to be able to control street traffic lights from my iphone …..