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In this handout photo provided by photographer Gregory Holm, ...
(From YAHOO news) “In this handout photo provided by photographer Gregory Holm, architect Matthew Radune is seen holding a mockup of the Ice House Detroit project in downtown Detroit on Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2009. Radune and Holm plan to freeze one of the city’s thousands of abandoned homes to draw attention to the foreclosure crisis that’s battered the Detroit area.”

ICE       At least they are doing something artistic in Detroit – although the artist is now a resident of  NYC.


interior design by Raymond Werbe Associates, Detroit

Remember that Detroit was the center of the universe in 1961.   How much things have changed.  Today the CEO of General Motors resigned with the company near bankruptcy.

It is possible to buy a house for $100 in Detroit these days.  This is an interesting article about an architect who is developing a neighborhood of such properties for artists.  He has been approached by a German developer who wants to build a “giant beehive” (?).    There is opportunity in the recession.