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The Chronicle of Higher Education held a contest for its readers to quickly design a Presidential Library for George W. Bush.  The results are compelling …..



A parody article by THE ONION describing an unusual residential project …..

I just noticed a subtlety,  there is a MASTER FOYER …..



7. Bunker
Hide behind the nearest chair or pinup board.
8. Narcolepsy
Fall to the ground fast asleep, or if this is inconvenient, gently lean back against the pin-up board and doze off.
9. Camouflage
Prepare in advance and dress in a color similar to the site model or surrounding furniture. Then, in your moment of crisis, stay very still and make no sound.
10. Postmodern simulation
Leaf through your sketchbook and then look up and say, “I’m sorry, that’s not in the script. What page are you on?”


An anonymous list.   Needs to add “BE AN ARCHITECT”    hahaha