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(Rem Koolhaas decides he wants to make some real money) 

Shoe brand United Nude, which was founded by architect Rem Koolhaas and Galahad JD Clark, opened a flagship store in Amsterdam on Oct. 22. Designed by brand creative director and architect Rem Koolhaas, the interior design of the flagship store reflects characteristics of the brand’s products and DNA.

From injection-moulded shoes to high-end carbon fiber heels, United Nude is “founded on conceptual design, elegance, and innovation.” The store is a “dark-shop” concept, which means it is completely dark in all areas other than those where the products are showcased and literally highlighted. The most important and prominent element of the store design is the Wall of Light, a computer-controlled LED wall that displays the United Nude products as works of art encapsulated in geometric frames.

United Nude also plans to open flagship stores in Shanghai and New York in early 2010. 

Link to article is HERE.

oma museum plaza

OMA Museum Plaza Proposal Video

A proposal by Rem Koolhaas and OMA for a large urban development.  Link is to a video on Youtube.

A mountain resort in the United Arab Emirates by OMA  (Rem Koolhaas)



Rem Koolhaas has designed a pavilion that transforms for five different types of events.   This link is an interview with Koolhaas and Miuccia Prada regarding the project.


See also an article from another of my blogs HERE.



Europe is doing almost ridiculously well. We fly for next to nothing, we have the highest quality prisons, Europe gave us millions of new friends, Frisian Lakes are maintained in order, sewers that ruined the most beautiful beaches are gone, the Spanish countryside is now a polished backdrop for whizzing high-speed trains.War criminals are put on trial. Ireland is rich. The Turkish think about who they want to become.

We can study, work, have fun everywhere. We are a sea of languages. Our  Babel works. We protect differences, subsidise the “useless”. Throughout the entire continent monuments are preserved and new masterpieces are created. Those who used to be stooped with burdens walk straight again thanks to Europe. Identity takes on more depth in an amazing mixture of 25 cultures that constantly measure their progress against one another. A never-ending Eurovision.

Rem Koolhaas design for European Flag - uses colors of all flags of all european nations

Rem Koolhaas design for European Flag - uses colors of all flags of all european nations

Zaha Hadid isn’t the only architect designing shoes.    A brand called “United Nude”  features shoes designed by architect Rem Koolhaas.



This fire was sparked by fireworks from the recent Chinese New Years Celebration in Beijing.   This is Rem Koolhaas TVCC building, which includes the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, and is next door to his more famous CCTV building. 


The Aftermath

The Aftermath



From the website   

Fire damage at TVCC in Beijing.  Architect Rem Koolhaas

Fire damage at TVCC in Beijing. Architect Rem Koolhaas