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sf open studios

The San Francisco Open Studios, sponsored by ARTSPAN, are a monthlong event, occuring four the four weekends of October.  The final weekend is the best one, taking place at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, where there are over 100 artists having studios in the old naval barracks.   This is a highly recommended event.   Take a break, get out of the architectural studio and look at some art!


a 2007 project by artists Steve Lambert and Packard Jennings in which they reimagined the city of San Francisco as a city of roller coasters, wildlife preserves, underground libraries and health clubs installed inside BART cars, and, of course, zip lines across the San Francisco Bay

30609_04 has daily updates in places in various KEY cities where you can get free or very cheap drinks.

Includes,  New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco.


Photographer Alex Fradkin has documented old bunkers in the SF Bay Area, in this case in Marin County.  These were built to defend against attacks that never came.

Article in NY Times Sunday Magazine about the ZIPCAR concept.   This company rents cars to members for an hourly rate.  The cars can be reserved and located via web 2.0 technology.    I’ve seen them driving around San Francisco.  The favorite vehicle in the fleet is a Mini Cooper.   I wonder if they have any SMART cars.    If I was still living in NYC I would definitely take advantage of this.  However, at $15/hour its not cheap.  


If you have driven into San Francisco, you have seen this new building on the skyline.    It has a problem in that it is out of scale with the skyline, similarly to the situation with the World Trade Center towers in New York. 

The photo below reminds me of a book “What is Architecture?” by Paul Shepheard, which as an image of jets flying over the great pyramid on the cover.   Shepheard makes the point that machines are a kind of architecture.  Military jets are INSTRUMENTAL, as are high-rise buildings.


Here is the cover: