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The first public square in over a century located at Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK.  by Heatherwick Studio.


A ventilation structure was required for an underground electricity substation below a public space near St.Paul’s Cathedral, London. The client approached Heatherwick Studio, unhappy with the way in which an existing proposal, for a single large vent, relegated the surrounding space to a corridor.  Design by Thomas Heatherwick.


Plank is a six-foot length of solid wood, which can be folded into a coffee table, side table or stool and folded out again to make a plank. It works because its four joints, engineered to high tolerances, cross the board at slight angles, causing it to spiral as it folds.   Designed by Thomas Heatherwick.


The Thomas Heatherwick studio has been doing innovative work, and he is now breaking into larger architectural projects.

Rolling Bridge - Thomas Heatherwick

Rolling Bridge - Thomas Heatherwick


“Today, architects are usually just combining this façade system and that glazing system and this climate-control system. They are specifiers, not designers.” – Heatherwick on architects