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30609_04 has daily updates in places in various KEY cities where you can get free or very cheap drinks.

Includes,  New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco.

Article in NY Times Sunday Magazine about the ZIPCAR concept.   This company rents cars to members for an hourly rate.  The cars can be reserved and located via web 2.0 technology.    I’ve seen them driving around San Francisco.  The favorite vehicle in the fleet is a Mini Cooper.   I wonder if they have any SMART cars.    If I was still living in NYC I would definitely take advantage of this.  However, at $15/hour its not cheap.  


One of the most important articles I have read in months.     I think Bruce Sterling is going to be a go-to talking head with the collapsing economy and post-everything milieu we are moving into.    He created a compelling vision of such a reality in his SF novel  Islands in the Net

Its too bad that architects can’t tell their clients “the project is still in BETA”.   Well, actually, Rem probably does that ….